Prudhomme's lemon dill chicken

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Preparation Time:
10 Min
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Main Ingredients:

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Cooking Preparation of the Recipe:

-------------------------------SEASONING MIX-------------------------------
1 ts Salt
1 ts Dillweed
1 ts Dried sweet basil leaves
1/4 ts Black pepper
1/4 ts White pepper

----------------------------MEAT AND VEGETABLES----------------------------
8 Chicken breasts, boneless
- skinless, (2 to 3 oz each)
1 tb Cornstarch PLUS
2 ts Cornstarch
1 c Apple juice
1 1/2 c Defatted chicken stock
2 c Julienned onions
1/2 c Fresh lemon juice, in all
2 pk Artificial sweetener
- (1 gram each), optional

TO SEASON CHICKEN: Combine seasoning mix ingredients in small bowl.
Sprinkle all surfaces of chicken evenly with 2 teaspoons seasoning mix. Rub
it in well. Dissolve cornstarch in 1/4 cup apple juice. Set aside.

Preheat heavy 10-inch skillet, preferably non-stick, over high heat to
350 degrees for about 4 minutes. Place 4 chicken breasts in skillet. Lower
heat to medium. Brown for at least 1 minute per side. Remove chicken.
Brown 4 more. Set all the chicken aside.

Return heat to high. Stir in 1/2 cup stock, scraping bottom of skillet
to clear it of all browned bits. Add onions and remaining seasoning mix.
Stir. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, or until all liquid evaporates. Stir in
1/4 of lemon juice. Scrape bottom of skillet again to clear it. Cook for
3 to 4 minutes, or until liquid evaporates. Add 1/2 cup apple juice. Clear
bottom and side of skillet. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes, or until about half
of the liquid evaporates.

Stir in remaining 1 cup of stock, the 1/4 cup lemon juice and the 1/4 cup
apple juice. Bring to a boil (will take 2 to 3 minutes), whisk in the
cornstarch-apple juice mixture, and return to a boil. Return the chicken
to the skillet, lower the heat to medium, and cook until the chicken is
done all the way through, about 4 to 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, remove
the chicken, and if desired, whisk in the artificial sweetener.

Makes 4 servings.

From: _Fork_In_The_Road_ by Chef Paul Prudhomme
printed in Rochester, NY _Times_Union_ 11/29/93 Posted in COOKING by:
Jean Cody 12/1/93

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