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Celebrity Chefs & Celebrity Tips

Celebrity chefs go further... true masters of their craft, they elevate fine dining to an art and turn each dish in a jewel. Their experience and their creativity inspire generations of home cooks. Thanks to these celebrity chefs' tasty takes on easy recipes, you, too, can cook like a pro, so get ready to whip up a star-studded dinner tonight. You can perfect celeb dishes at home, and then head to their restaurants for inspiration! Celebrity Chefs are so influential and have great recipes and tips for easy every cooking that are easy to follow both for every day and for special occasions. Award Winning chefs - We brought together world-renowned top chefs to share their most innovative recipes. You'll find a series of American chefs Sound like a plan? Check out these celebrity chef recipes and some hot new celebrity-chef recipes featured at the world renowned restaurant. Modernist cuisine has challenged all of haute cuisine's assumptions and introduced the most advanced technology into the kitchen. Try our huge range of celebrity chef recipes from all your favorites. Let's "cheers" to all this inspiration!

Celebrity Chef Tip No.1: Start with the Best Ingredients
Choose a few top-quality ingredients and work from there.

Celebrity Chef Tip No.2: Keep It Simple: While a party might seem like the moment to show off more complicated recipes, simplicity is essential to a successful menu. It's better dishes that are simple in execution and made with just a few flavorful ingredients.

Celebrity Chef Tip No.3: Be Passionate About Food
When you have passion for food, you can take it to the next level of 'wow' food

Celebrity Chef Tip No.4: Prep Ahead: When cooking for a crowd, food can be prepared well in advance and needs little final attention. This keeps stress low and means you'll have time to enjoy your guests, which really is the point of the party.

Celebrity Chef Tip No 5: Finish with a Strong Dessert
It's the last dish your guests will taste, Make sure it's memorable!