Puerto rican rice with chicken (arroz con pollo) - rl

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Recipe by: chirine

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Preparation Time:
10 Min
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Main Ingredients:

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Cooking Preparation of the Recipe:

2 1/2 lb Chicken pieces

-----------------B*CRUSH AND MIX IN MORTAR----------------------
2 Peppercorns (whole black 4 1/2 ts Salt
-pepper) 2 ts Olive oil
2 Cloves garlic peeled 1 ts Vinegar
1 ts Dried oregano (pref. fresh)

1 tb Lard or vegetable oil 2 oz Lean cured ham (wash and
1 oz Salt pork -dice salt pork and ham)

1 Onion peeled 6 Fresh cilantro leaves
1 Green pepper, seeded -(chop everything in small
3 Sweet chili peppers, seeded -pieces)
1 Tomato

1/2 ts Salt 1/4 c Tomato sauce
10 Olives stuffed with 2 tb Fat or "achiote coloring"
-pimientos 3 c Rice
1 tb Capers

1 cn (17 oz) green peas (petit -pois)

1 cn (4 oz) pimientos

1. Wash chicken and divide each chicken piece in two. Dry and rub
with seasoning included in B. Set in refrigerator overnight.

2. In a "Caldero" or heavy kettle, heat fat and brown rapidly salt
pork and ham. Reduce to moderate and add chicken. Cook for 5

3. Reduce heat to low. Add ingredients in D and saute for 10 minutes
stirring occasionally.

4. Meanwhile drain liquid from can of peas into a measuring cup and
enough water to make 2.5 cups, if regular rice is used or 3.5 if long
rice is used. Reserve peas. Heat liquid and wait.

5. Add to kettle ingredients in E and mix over moderate heat for 2

6. Add hot liquid to kettle and mix well and cook uncovered over
moderate heat until rice is dry.

7. With a fork turn rice from bottom to top.

8. Cover kettle and cook over low heat for 40 minutes. Halfway
during this cooking period turn rice over again.

9. Add peas, turn rice once more and cover, cooking for 15 minutes
in low heat.

10. Spoon rice into a serving platter.

11. Heat pimientos in their juices, drain and garnish the rice.
Serve at once.

Ricardo Landrau, Carolina PR, Fidonet 1:367/28

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