25 time trimmers part 1

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Here are 25 time trimmers that can help you serve fabulous low-fat

1. To peel garlic in seconds... simply place individual cloves on a
cutting board and smash them with the flat side of a broad knife,
such as a chef's knife. The peel should slip right off... Or, if you
use a garlic press, cut the unpeeled clove in half, place the halves
in a garlic press (cut side down) and squeeze---the peel will stay

2. In preparation for whipping up quick sauces or super-easy soups...
stock you refrigerator with canned broth. Broth add instant flavor to
almost any dish. And by keeping your cans chilled, you can scoop off
the solidified fat at a moment's notice.

3. To poach a fish fillet without a recipe or endless list of
ingredients... just grab that can of crab boil that's probably hiding
in the back of your spice cabinet. Shake this savory blend of spices
into a frying pan half full of water, add your fish and simmer until
it's done---less than 10 minutes for thin fillets.

4. To shave 50 minutes off cooking time of nutrient-rich yams or
sweet potatoes... cut the unpeeled potatoes into thick slabs (about
1/2 inch) and dredge them in a mixture of low-sodium soy sauce and a
few drops of sesame oil. Grill or broil until crisp and golden... Or,
if you have a microwave, you can make more traditional baked sweets
by piercing them all over with a fork and microwaving until tender.
One potato takes about 5 minutes; four need about 10 minutes.

5. To soften a rock-solid (and super-nutrititious) squash in less
than 10 minutes... pop it in the microwave. Spaghetti squash is ready
in a mere 8 minutes. Halved acorn and butternut squash likewise cook
to perfection in no time at all. For fun you can choose mini
varieties, such as Jack-Be-Little pumpkins or Delicata, Golden Nugget
or Sweet Dumpling squash. They're just right for single-serving side
dishes. Pierce the skin with a sharp knife and microwave on high for
5 minutes, or until it turns tender. Then cut off the top, scoop out
the seeds and serve drizzled with a little maple syrup.

6. When you haven't got 45 minutes to watch a pot of brown rice
boil... try one of these quick-cooking grains instead. Each of these
should cook to perfection in 5 to 12 minutes after your water boils:
Bulgur cooks in 7 minutes. Quick Cook Barley takes 12 minutes.
Couscous cooks in 5 minutes. Quick Cook Brown Rice is done in 10

7. To whip up a terrific luncheon salad at a moment's notice... Toss
a can of beans with a can of tuna (both rinsed under cold water to
remove the sodium and canning liquid). Add chopped peppers and
onions, minced parsley and other fresh herbs. Dress with vinegar and
a bare splash of oil. For extra zip, sprinkle on some capers, cherry
tomatoes and anything else that's on hand Viola! A nutritious summer
salad with a wave of the hands.

8. For a quick side dish (that tastes like a chef's specialty)...
saute some chopped onions and micned garlic in a little oil. Stir in
some couscous or bulgur, boiling stock and a little curry powder
(check package

directions for the proportion of liquid to grain). Cover, remove from
heat and let stand for 10 minutes. Fluff with a fork and serve. For
variety, replace the curry powder with other herbs or spices. Throw
in some chopped black olives and diced tomatoes for still another
flavor treat.

9. To assemble an antipasto instantly... keep your pantry stocked
with cans of pimientos, artichokes (in brine, not oil), tuna, beans,
baby corn, pickled red beets and such. When buying these items, look
for ones that are light on oil and sodium. Arrange a selection on a
large platter lined with torn salad greens and sprinkle with lemon
juice and fresh herbs. Mangia!

10. To serve up homemade pizza, pronto...use ready-made whole-grain
biscuit dough (available in your supermarket's frozen-food section
and refirgerator case) for a quick low-fat, whole-grain crust. Just
press the biscuit dough into a crust shape and top it with tomato
sauce, light cheese and your favorite veggie toppings.

11. If you're hungry for a veggie-topped pizza or vegetable stir-fry
but can't face the prep work... take advantage of the
cleaned-and-chopped vegetables in you supermarket's salad bar. You
may pay a little more for these prewashed and precut veggies, but
think of the time you save---and the nutrients you gain!

12. To make zero-fat popcorn with zero cleanup... use an ordinary
paper lunch bag and your microwave oven. Place about 1/4 cup of
popping corn in the bag. Seal it tightly by turning over the edges
several times and creasing them well. Lay it on its side in the
microwave. Microwave on high for 4 to 5 minutes or until the popping
stops. (Be careful when you open the bag to avoid getting burned by
escaping steam.)

13. For perfect pilaf minus the fuss...(1) quickly saute some onions
and garlic, then (2) add your chosen quick-cooking grain (either
brown rice of barley), defatted stock (3) (check label for
proportionate amount) and a few pinches (4) of herbs. Cover and
simmer for about 10 minutes, or until all the liquid has been
absorbed. For added zest, (5) serve sprinkled with some grated orange

14. To whip up a frozen fruit dessert at a moment's notice... keep
peeled and sliced fruit in your freezer, stored in plastic bags. For
an instant dessert or palate cleanser beteewn courses of a large
meal, puree the pieces in a food processor until smooth. All sorts of
fruit work trememdously well this way---try berries, peaches, plums,
bananas, mangoes, papayas and kiwis, for example.
Recipe By : Prevention Magazine, August 1992

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