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Preparation Time:
20 Min
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Main Ingredients:

Prawns, unshelled 6 nos. (Shrimp)

For the Marinade

Rice Vinegar 3 tbsps.

Sugar 1 tsp.

Ajinomoto A pinch

Water 4 tbsps.

Salt ¼ tsp.

For the Filling

Egg Yolks 4 nos.

Salt Salt

Sugar 1¼ tsp.

Lemon Juice 2½ tsp.

Cooking Preparation of the Recipe:

.Keeping the shell intact pass a tooth pick through the flesh of the prawn so that it doesn't curl.

2.Boil these prawns in water for about 3-4 minnutes or till they change colour.

3.Drain the water and immediately pass the prawns through cold water.

4.Now remove the toothpicks and peel the shell off from the prawns, but leave

the tail section of the shell.

5.Cut the prawn slightly and remove the vein from its back.

6.Make a deeper incersion on the prawn and spread the prawn making it look

like a butterfly.

7.To prepare the marinade, mix the vinegar with water, salt, sugar, ajinomoto

and mix it with the prawns, then marinate for 1 hour.

8.Beat the egg yolks lightly and remove about 21/2 tsps. of the egg yolks and keep aside.

9.Add water to the remaining yolks, mix well and cook over a medium flame till the yolks turn firm.

10.Drain the yolks and then mash them to a fine paste.

11.Mix the sugar, salt. lemon juice, ajinomoto and the rest of the egg yolk and beat well.

12.Pass this mixture through a fine sieve, then mix it with the mashed egg yolk and keep aside.

13.Divide the filling into 6 portions an dthen filling them into the 6 individual prawns.

14.Seal the edges but pressing them together and serve.

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