Chinese-style soft-shell crabs

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Preparation Time:
10 Min
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Main Ingredients:

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Cooking Preparation of the Recipe:

4 lg Soft-shell crabs
6 sm Soft-shell crabs
1 lg Handful scallions, slivered
1 sm Handful fresh ginger,
Soy sauce
Sesame oil

Prepare crabs for cooking: thaw, rinse, pat dry, remove apron and
gills. Sprinkle with cornstarch.

Make sure that you are wearing long sleeves and the kitchen fan is on
full blast.

In a large skillet heat a couple tablespoons of peanut oil to the
smoking point. Toss in the crabs. Immediately clap the lid on the
skillet; when the initial clatter dies down, remove the lid or put it
ajar. Cook until crisp, maybe 2 minutes. Flip and cook the other
side. When they're done (? 4 minutes, I haven't any idea ?), toss in
ginger and scallions; stir fry for a minute. Add soy and sherry to
taste (I use about 1 tablespoon of each) and shake skillet around
over high heat until sauce is mostly absorbed.

Arrange on a serving platter and drizzle a little sesame oil over.

The restaurants make the sauce separately: Boil the sauce ingedients
and thicken with a little cornstarch water; when the crabs are fried,
put them on a platter and pour the sauce over.

The advantage to the restaurant method is that the crabs are a little
crisper; the advantages to my method is that the crabs absorb more
flavor from the sauce and the meat comes out fluffier.

Recipe from Michael Loo. Converted to Meal-Master format by Arthur

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